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Are you one of those people who have to see the all new episode of their favorite TV series? It can be really irritating to watch a show deep into a season and then miss an episode. For comedies this is not really an issue, but if you enjoy shows with a plot, missing one episode can screw up the rest of the season. However, you are now able to watch TV series online free, and this article is going to tell you how. Many of the major networks, like ABC, CBS, and NBC, now allow you to watch your shows on their websites.

If that was not good enough, many cable networks like Comedy Central and the Discovery Channel also put their shows onto their website. No more will you have to make your plans around watching your favorite shows because you are now able to watch them online. You are able to watch your favorite shows online, instantly.

By simply finding the series you want to watch, clicking on the episode of your choice, you will be able to enjoy the episodes you miss or want to watch again. There is some delay in viewing the shows, usually about a day after the show is aired it will be online, but it could be sooner depending on the website. One of the major problems with watching your shows on your computer is that there is some trouble loading them. If you have a fast enough computer this is not really a problem, but it can be for others.

The stopping and starting of a show can be annoying, but for a majority of you this will not be a problem. One of the best advantages to watching TV online is the commercials. Few people enjoy watching commercials, it is usually used as a break to go get a drink or go to the bathroom. When you watch your TV shows online you can enjoy limited commercial interruptions.

A show that used to take you an hour to watch lasts only 45 minutes. Depending on the website you can have as few as five commercial breaks of 30 seconds! Now that you are able to watch TV series online free, you will never again have to plan your night around your TV shows. You will never again have to worry about missing the new episode of your show. You will never again have to experience any of this because your shows are now available on the internet, a simple click away.

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