Global warming and electronic medical records software

Global warming and electronic medical records software We all know that there is a problem with global warming. We all know that the rise of the oceans is getting closer and even closer every day. Just last week was it announced that the 10 year timeline for global warming to reach its maximum was shortened to only five years, which now means that we only have about 3 to 4 years left before our world as we know it will change. That is why there was a plea from many people all around the world, to start going green, to start using less paper and to start use electronic or what they call paperless offices.

Use less fuel, or walk to work, which is better for you anyway. There are many ways to help fight global warming. And we all can make a difference, even the doctors are starting to help, with what they are calling the paperless medical office. It not only helps fight global warming, it also helps saves lives. In a sense, fighting global warming will saves live too, as we all know; we can look at global warming as a virus, a disease that will, once it reaches its peak, potentially wipe out half or more of the planets population.

No one wants that to happen, so it is time to do something, and here is how the doctors are helping with their electronic medical records software, or EMR software. EMR software is a way for the doctors at hospitals and doctors who own their own practices, to have what is known as paperless medical offices. This means that they are helping to fight global warming, as we know it; we all must do our part. The way this software works is by entering all patient information into an electronic chart instead of on paper, therefore, it offers a more economic and efficient office. It helps doctors save lives, quicker.

You might be asking how this is possible. Consider this scenario, you are on a variety of heart and blood pressure medication. You have chest pains and your spouse calls the ambulance that takes you to the hospital in the middle of the night.

The ER doctor makes a call to your cardiologist and wakes him up in the middle of the night, your personal doctor has to rely on "memory" to think about your condition and symptoms, your prior history, your medications, your allergies, and of course drug interactions at 3:38 in the AM! Imagine instead if your doctor had a "tablet or laptop" pc at home that he switched on, had a copy of his office database on the laptop, and was quickly able to look at your complete medical history, complete medication list, allergy list, and quickly be able to consult with the ER doctors with current and up to date information!.

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