The Wide Variety of Televisions

Buying a new television today means that you have to wade through all the possible televisions out there today so that you know exactly what you want and what you're getting. Technology has grown so much in the past few years and this means that televisions have improved in picture quality, size, and price. When you're shopping for your new television there are some basic types of televisions that you'll be seeing on store shelves.

Tube televisions are probably the most basic of all televisions that you have to choose from. These TVs use a cathode ray tube to generate the picture quality. You'll find that the picture quality is good no matter where you're sitting, which is great for your family room when you're viewing with your family. You'll also find that tube televisions are the lowest priced on the market and are very affordable.

The one disadvantage is that these TVs are large and bulky, making them awkward to move around and they may not fit into all areas of your home. Flat panel televisions are becoming more and more popular. They are light and sleek, and can even be hung on a wall. These TVs are very thin, at most four inches thick.

You can break down the flat panel television even more into the LCD category and the plasma category. Although the plasma televisions weight a bit more than the LCD they are still much more lightweight than the tube televisions. Projection televisions are very popular and you if have the room for one are a great way to watch all your TV shows. These big screen TVs still come with a big price tag, but it you wait a few years this is sure to change as the competition among manufacturers increases and drives down the price. Your best bet when looking at new televisions is to determine where you want to put the TV, how much you want to spend, and what functionality do you want to see.

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