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Make Your Mobile Sites Interactive: Interact with people and download images Exploring the Internet and that also from your mobile phone could never be more fun. Mobile sites have given the user a chance to explore Internet on his mobile phone itself. A user can formulate his own favorite internet site on the mobile with the aid of simple programming tools with which he can easily customize the website to fit it into his mobile screen. It is just like a website and contains all the tools of a website. You can send emails, browse through the site, download files and images, and also upload them.

A mobile site can be seen from any mobile phone in the world provided that the handset is a WAP enabled device. A mobile phone can also be used to download, view and upload multimedia files and images because their size is decreased to fit the mobile screen. The user is guided through the whole process in simple steps and he can activate any website on the mobile phone without any prior knowledge of programming. An individual can create his own site with the help of easy-to-understand site building tools. You can also make use of emulators which are special programs which will allow the users to analyze the impact of changes that they are planning to make in the websites.

They can see for themselves how their mobile site is going to look after their update it. With these mobile sites, mobile phones will become a completely viable replacement for Internet. They will become sources of seamless information and entertainment. You can be in touch with your friends and relatives with mobile sites round the clock and enjoy the benefits of unparalleled connectivity. With the help of an emulator, an internet site can be copied down for you and you can also receive a satisfying browsing experience. When viewing sites while internet surfing, you can use an emulator to see how these sites would actually come across when they will be converted to mobile sites.

You can also view those sites that are appearing on other people's mobile phones. Mobile sites have understood the importance of the fact that an individual needs to be connected online throughout the day for business needs as well as social networking. These sites make him accessible on the internet throughout the day and he does not need to log on to his laptop or desktop to send or receive his e-mails.

Mobile sites can also offer you an opportunity of networking with other people who have similar kinds of sites and also share files and images with them. But, if you are not very open to other people viewing your files and images, then you can use the option of privacy which allows you the facility to restrict access to your files and images. Privacy options imply what is the amount of exposure that your mobile site has. Sometimes, users do not want certain people to access their sites or download any kind of content from them. With the privacy tool, you can restrict the view ability of your site exclusively to friends, relatives, and registered users.

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