Now You Can Watch Pocket PC Mobile TV Wherever You Are

Just as you think that you've got the most out of your PocketPC, you are suddenly made aware that it can actually function as a Pocket PC Mobile TV. Yes folks, bring your television with you. Not in the mood to watch television outside your home? Then download specialized software and make your iPAQ function like an iPAQ TV remote control inside the house. With the right remote control software, make your iPAQ a universal remote control that can operate your television, VCR, and other home or office audio and video equipment. This feature is already available for various models of the iPAQ.

Pocket PC Remote Control Functionality The MPEG video player and Windows Media Player applications installed on your handheld can play various audio-video flicks on your iPAQ, Palm or Sony CLIČ. Convert your PDA into a mobile televisions set by downloading or transferring form your PC your favorite full length films, television programs, film trailers, music videos, and more. Remote control software from UEI Nevo, VITO Remote, TV Remote Controller and others are specially made for Pocket PC handhelds.

They are compatible with certain PDA models from Acer, Dell Axim, HP Jornada, Fujitsu Siemens, HP iPAQ, Toshiba, and others. There is also remote control software, like the OMNI Remote, specifically made for Palm-based handhelds like the Palm Pilot, Handspring, and Visor so don't think it's only the iPAQ that can be used as a remote control in your home. Pocket PC remote control can be utilized between PDA handhelds and television sets with infrared engines. It can work from a distance of 2 meters to 10 meters between the PDA and the television set, depending on the iPAQ model's remote control software and infrared signal strength. When operating the television or other audio or video equipment, the PDA user should point the infrared signal of his PDA to the television.

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