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Where to get traffic What ever opportunity you want to promote you will have a site that you need to advertise, whether its an affiliate page, a splash page or your own site. Traffic is the most important aspect of promoting your opportunity, if no one knows about your site no one will visit. There are lots of ways to get traffic to your site, some are free, and some cost money.

I will look at the various options, and explain how they work and how to get the best out of them. Autosurfing Autosurfing is a free way to get traffic to your site, and works as the name implies, you sign up and enter the url of the site that you want to advertise, then when that is accepted into the rotation, you get your site seen for every credit that you earn by surfing, that means that you login to the surf page and the sites in rotation are shown automatically for a period of time between 6 and 30 seconds depending on the autosurf site. This means that you can leave your computer running unattended and build up significant amounts of credits, the down side is that so can every other autosurfer, so the chances of your site being seen by an interested human is remote. There is one thing that autosurfs are good for, and that is generating hits, which is what you need to increase the position of your site in rankings.

Manual surfing Manual surfing is much more productive, because the surfer has to click on each page to earn credit before it moves on to the next page. This means that your page is seen by a real person, who is also surfing to promote their product so they are already interested in making money on the internet, so they are open to the right offer. By using a tabbed browser you can comfortably surf up to 10 sites at a time and earn about 1000 credits for 1 to 2 hours surfing, if you do this as a regular part of your days activity this will produce about 30000 hits to your site a month. Because most manual traffic exchanges have affiliate schemes you can leverage your credits by using some of then to advertise other exchanges that you are a member of when ou get members sign up under you you will earn a percentage of their earnings Purchased Hits Purchased hits, are a viable alternative to surfing as long as your budget will stand it.

Paid sign ups This is only effective if the program you want the sign ups for is free, if not you will find yourself loosing the sign up as soon as the free period expires. Some companies that offer paid sign ups have no quality monitoring, and are not much better than a scam. The only program that I have successfully use paid sign ups in has been Bux.

to a paid to click program. Safe Lists There are many Safelists, but the only ones that you will get any significant response from are those that are credit based, then at least you get a chance of someone reading you email, to earn the credit required to send their mail out. Blogging Blogging is a very easy way of getting traffic, and it works well if you use the "ping" facility to let social bookmarking sites know that you have published a new blog. Look out for a future article where I shall cover blogging in more detail.

By Graham Andrew Taylor Visit my Blog for moreInternet tips,articles and reviews

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